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The fact that you are here means that you are experiencing Join Something New project in some way. That is good.

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There is a new technological service which will help millions of people around the world
every day and which is going to change the way people use transport. With the help of
mobile technology and mobile applications, we are going to move the world! The “Join
Something New” pre-launch service was created to prepare future marketers of this
service to be ready and have the best head-start to profit from spreading this service
across the world right from the moment of its launch. The job of a marketer is to effectively
spread this service through their own contacts and through other marketers in their own
community which they can build so that the service finds its customers fast and begins to
generate revenue immediately. A part of the revenue generated by usage of the service
will be allocated to the network of marketers who have helped market it. By sharing part of
the revenue we create a strong community business where all parties benefit. Nobody has
used the power of community business this way to distribute mobile apps ever before!

I wish you good luck!